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911 Foreign Language Service

Mason County E-911
Mason County 911 Adds Emergency Foreign Language Services
Recently the Mason County E9-1-1 Center enhanced its ability to service non-English speaking callers by adding a foreign language emergency communication interpretation service to the many offerings it offers to the citizens of Mason County.
According to Deputy Director RC Faulk who oversees operations, training, and technology at the Mason County Office of Emergency Services E9-1-1 Dispatch facility this is a service that is available at any time to citizens of Mason County who are in need of emergency assistance at no cost.  Faulk wanted to make sure that the language solution that was implemented had to be quick, efficient, easy and adaptable for a multitude of emergency assistance situations.  To fit this requirement, LanguageLine Solutions partnered with Mason County E9-1-1 to provide this service and meet the requirements that Faulk had desired.
“With our highly advanced technological emergency communications center, it was easy for me to build an integration feature into our computerized telephony equipment that will allow any non-English speaking citizen to access any of over 2000 available languages in real time to get the emergency assistance they need from a highly trained 911 Telecommunicator” Faulk said.
Until now, the Mason County E9-1-1 center has not been able to provide this important offering to non-English speaking callers.  Faulk goes on to say “We do not field a large number of non-English speaking emergency calls for assistance, but when we do it is good to know that we can indeed service those callers in their native language and get them the assistance they need!”
Faulk also indicated that this service is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week 365 days a year and is not limited in any way to the number of times it is used or the length of time it takes to communicate with the callers and is provided absolutely free to those who need it.
The Mason County E9-1-1 Center is the public safety answering point for all emergency 911 communications in Mason County, West Virginia answering approximately 75,000 calls per year.